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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Koalakit Chargers have their own storage batteries?

- No the Koalakit does not contain any batteries, instead they charge the device's own battery directly  through the USB port from  the solar tiles.

 My device says it's not connected, is it still charging?

-Sometimes light levels may be too low which causes the device not to register it is charging at the equivalent wall charging rate. We recommend for best results to turn off the device you are trying to charge and continue to charge it for a minimum of 20mins, if the charge has increased even by a very small amount then the device is still charging just at a lower rate. If a device is left on and the charge remains the same then the device is receiving a small amount of charge that is enough to keep it running.

My device says it is not connected and it has not increased in charge.

-If the advice above has been followed and the Koalakit does not appear to be charging the device then please e-mail us via the Contact Us page.

Can I leave my device in the sun for a long period of time?

-Not recommended, when trying to charge your device you may wish to get the maximum amount of charge through direct sunlight, however, electronical devices are often affected by high temperatures. Our recommendation is to place the device under the solar mat tiles or in a cool place away from direct sunlight while it is charging. The pocket provided can be used to store devices when the Koalakit is folded away but is not recommended for long periods in direct sunlight as it is not sufficient protection from higher temperatures. Please refer to your individual devices manual for advice on minimum and maximum operating temperatures.

The Koalakit is making a very faint humming noise, is this normal?

-Yes, sometimes the Koalakit may make a very faint humming noise while the electronics are charging the device, this is perfectly normal and should not affect the device's charging ability.

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